Contact details

Keys can be collected from 12:00 to 20:00, after prior phone contact.

Owner details

  • Company name:Paulina Benda Blondex
  • Street:ul. Chełmska 9/30
  • Address:00-724, Warszawa, Poland
  • Tax number:522-21-66-620

Our locations

Super Apart Chełmska IIChełmska 9/8900-724 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Chełmska IIIChełmska 9/3000-724 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Polkowska IIPolkowska 11/1700-729 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Chełmska IVChełmska 9/26500-734 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Kierbedzia IKierbedzia 6/8800-728 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Kierbedzia IIKierbedzia 6/12700-728 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Bobrowiecka IIBobrowiecka 3/21100-734 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Kierbedzia IIIKierbedzia 6/13400-728 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Bobrowiecka 10/90Bobrowiecka 10/9000-724 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Dywizjonu 303 175/8Dywizjonu 303 175/801-470 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Dywizjonu 303 175/58Dywizjonu 303 175/5801-470 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Chełmska 20/22Chełmska 20/2200-724 WarszawaPoland
Super Apart Chełmska 9/206Chełmska 9/20600-724 WarszawaPoland
Potrzebna 55Potrzebna 5505-077 WarszawaPoland
Łużycka 10/12Łużycka 1000-732 WarszawaPoland
Belwederska Belwederska 5/702-830 WarszawaPoland
Czechowa 1aCzechowa 1a05-075 WarszawaPoland
Gagarina 10/17Gagarina 1000-754 WarszawaPoland
Augustowka 8Augustowka 802-981 WarszawaPoland
Rydygiera 18Rydygiera 1801-796 WarszawaPoland
Bobrowiecka 11CBobrowiecka 11C00-728 WarszawaPoland
Stalowa 39Stalowa 3903-425 WarszawaPoland


With online payment you have the possibility to confirm your reservation immediately

By booking on our website you can be sure that there will be a place waiting for you. We also guarantee the lowest price.

You can obtain information about your account number and payment methods specific to your reservation by making a reservation online.

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Data for transfers

  • Bank account information:PL31103000190109850300089246
  • Bank:Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA
  • Recipient's name:Paulina Benda
  • Recipient address:Wroclawska 15/7 01-493 Warszawa